Hotels are just the beginning of accommodation!

August 16, 2011

New Zealand is lucky to have lot’s of different options when it comes to accommodation. We have hotels, among many other options. This blog will give you a quick run down of what types of accommodation are out there. Hotels are just the beginning!

Hotels: often large, with standardized rooms. There will be a reception area, housekeeping and sometimes a restaurant. This accommodation is good for people who are on business, or who have a good idea of what they want to see in the town they are visiting.

Bed and breakfasts: usually small, and often have different types of rooms to choose from. There will be a host present most of the time to answer questions and breakfast is a feature. This accommodation is more personal than a hotel.

Backpackers: usually large with dormitory rooms. The price is low, but there are few amenities and facilities are shared. This accommodation is good for those on a budget that don’t mind sharing a room.

Camping Ground: you will stay in a cabin or your own tent, and share an ablutions block. The location of this type of accommodation is often out of the town or city. This accommodation is good for those with outdoor activities in mind.

What sort of accommodation will you choose?

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