Hotels: the best type of accommodation for me?

August 8, 2011

Hotels – the type of accommodation where you can really relax. Is this true?

Hotels can suit some visitors because they allow you total independence and a private room and amenities completely to yourself. Many visitors enjoy staying in hotels because you can check in, then are left to yourself to plan your trip, eat, drink and do chores like laundry.

However, there can be downsides to this.

Sometimes when you are going from hotel to hotel, the service can feel a bit impersonal. Also, sometimes it is nice to have a communal area to sit and have a cup of tea and chat to other tourists about their experiences.

This is why some tourists choose to stay at bed and breakfasts rather than hotels.

So, if you want personalized service and someone to chat to, consider staying at a bed and breakfast, rather than a hotel.


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