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Hi everyone!!!! I'm Solstice the Cat and I live at Hulmes Court with my "friend" Jimmy. You can be my friend too, friend me on facebook.

You can be my friend on facebook

I like to keep my eyes on Jimmy.

Solstice not doing what we want Jimmy sleeping

Jimmy is a silly cat who won't sit still - I think he's got Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.  He's also very pushy I didn't want him here, but he wasn't having it and stayed.  Anyway, I can't be bothered pushing him around I'm too busy sleeping and eating.

And!!!! guess what - you now can buy stuff with me on it by going to Norman's factory shop (Norman feeds me). Click Here to go to Norman's Factory Shop and buy stuff with me on it.

I shouldn't get into fights, but it is ok, because Norman who owns Hulmes Court, just pays for it out of the repairs and maintenance budget :) Anyway, I'm on steroids! and now I run around and climb trees just like I was a kitten.

Soon, you'll be able to order all kinds of cool stuff, and memorabilia with me on it!!!  At the moment there is a nice mug with me on it which costs $5.95, a frisbee or pen, you can buy them when you leave, so don't forget.

Here are the my latest photos shot by the paparazzi.  This is me relaxing on the path. This is me climbing the tree outside the breakfast room at Hulmes Court.

And this is my friend Smokey on top of a fence.Smokey is Ann's cat and lives at Port Chalmers near Dunedin.  She sometimes comes and stays. And also Jimmy.

One of our recent guests pictures (our cats love children) -


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